Alexandre Pazmandy , LMT, CPMT
Therapeutic, Integrative, Oncology, Pediatric and ASD Massage - Reiki

I work from a holistic perspective of the individual taking into account the physical, mental and emotional needs of my clients and tailor my treatment according to their individual needs.

I believe that each of us is unique and I seek to understand, target and treat the underlying causes of pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety, nausea, fatigue or (in ex) a more specific peripheral neuropathy, frozen shoulder or hip dysplasia.

While the therapeutic base of my massage is Swedish, I incorporate Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology or Thai-Yoga in my bodywork also called Integrative massage.

I can carry out a Deep Tissue Massage to reach/relax all muscle layers, use Shiatsu to rebalance energy flow, inducing pain relief and reflexology to target organ blockages or systemic dysfunction.

My massage is never the same, even for a returning client. It's creative, tailored, unique. As each individual evolves and changes, so does my massage.

My talent lies in my ability to read and to understand these changing needs and fine-tune my massage to yield the most healing and relaxing results.

Over the summer of 2012, with Master Teacher Tina Allen, I obtained the Comprehensive Pediatric Massage Certification, (CPMT) to provide massage therapy for children with special health care needs, who are hospitalized or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness in hospice care. This, combined with a specialized training on Comprehensive Touch Therapy for children with Autism (ASD).

In April of 2017, I completed a training in Oncology Massage: caring for clients with cancer, with Tracy Walton & Associates, LLC.


I am looking forward to serving you!

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