Alexandre Pazmandy , LMT, CPMT
Therapeutic, Integrative, Oncology, Pediatric and ASD Massage Therapies

I began seeing Alex in January of 2016 for a back injury. I was recommended to Alex by my chiropractor. I thoroughly enjoyed that first massage and have been going back about every five weeks since then. 

I'm very comfortable with Alex. He has experience working with athletes. That brings me comfort as a distance runner. He definitely helps me keep my body going during my marathon training. 

I think of my massages as my way of being nice to myself!

Tammy, Feb.18, 2017

Dear Alex,

Your services are wonderful from every aspect. Your warmth and professionalism are top notch and make every massage appt a truly relaxing experience. Every session with you has always been exactly what was needed in that moment and I will continue to look to you for your amazing services.

All my very best, John Dorman, Feb.16, 2017

Hello Alex,

I truly enjoyed the one hour massage that you gave me last week.  It was invigorating and felt wonderful.  You sure know how to find my trigger points and it helped to relieve the stress and tension.  You are very gifted as a massage therapist for several reasons:  1) you have compassion and listen to your client needs, 2) you educate the client on the benefits of a massage, 3) your flow of therapy is very smooth which is relaxing and 4) most of all, the massage was awesome (to say the least).

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Thank You 

Rae Ann Frenette, Feb.02, 2017


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